Your Child is Three? You are in for Loads of Surprises!

Little Acadmey Nursery Child Development
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They talk a lot, move a lot, and their desires to discover never seem to be curbed? Welcome to your child’s new 3-years!


What is the normal development for a 3-years?

During 3-year, your child development of skills is noticeably developed. So you may have noticed a difference in the way they tackle their everyday life. Your child now talks to you following a confident logic. Also, he can name most of the things that he knows. Moreover, they use prepositions and pronouns properly. So they can talk about themselves, their genders, ages, and their siblings’ names.

As for their social skills, they are considerably enhanced by their third year as they acquire the ability to show affection to their family and friends, and express their emotions clearly and openly. You’ll notice that they also be sensitive in some situations. Getting together with other children, they start to fully understand the concept of sharing and role-playing. Although in some cases, some children would prefer to play alone.

The 3-year is the right time to develop your child’s thinking skills and education because, by then, they grow the ability to imagine, visualize, and handle assembly games. They also start to distinguish between colors and label them with different names. Your child can also perform some simple tasks like opening and closing doors or bottles and taking off their clothes. At this point, the nursery and the parents have a joint responsibility to further improve these skills and make use of them.


3-years Child Development at nursery

At Little Academy Nursery, we place a great emphasis on providing children with all the educational games they need. We also teach them how to recycle stuff and depend on themselves under the supervision of the teacher.

Taking care of your children’s minds, we also take care of their bodies by incorporating nutrition-rich foods into our healthy cooking activities to build their bones and immune system. We also encourage them to stay active by playing sports, dancing, taking the stairs and swimming.

After your child blows his third candle, start considering widening the scopes of their potential by playing with them, taking them on trips, and most importantly, choosing the right nursery that will suit their abilities and hone their skills. Don’t let anything pass by them without discussing it together to help them grow into an intuitive individual.

Allow them the space at home to live a world of adventure in reality and in their own imagination. Spend time with them playing and singing to create a fun atmosphere. Every seed of love you plant will grow into a special individual that is your child.

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