equation written on wooden dice
Little Academy Nursery Two infants are sitting and playing

Toddler Early Childhood Program

In our toddler care and early learning program, we know that energy and excitement are a natural part of growth and learning. We channel that energy into a positive learning experience. Through our toddler early childhood program, your child will become more independent and will develop social and communication skills.

We Offer your toddler:


  • Movement where they stretch, climb, jump, crawl and walk. This will develop their gross motor skills and will teach them balance and coordination.
  • We help your toddler explore early math and science concepts with building materials, blocks, and puzzles.
  • We help your toddler discover and explore different textures and materials to grow their senses through art and sensory.
  • We work on your child’s language through reading books, telling stories, and pretend play.

Our curriculum is age-appropriate and is designed for inquisitive toddlers to keep them engaged and entertained. Our activities are creative, fun, and interactive.

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