We want to nurture your child and support your family so you can all thrive. Our building and outdoor facilities are designed for children to feel safe and secure. Our top priority is providing your child with a safe, healthy, clean, and secure learning environment. Since 2006, day in and day out, our hearts are in everything we do. At Little Academy, we are proud to offer your child the new and latest Early Childhood Scholastic curriculum; Pre-K ON MY WAY. This curriculum uses an evidence-based approach, created in partnership with leading researchers and educators from the Children’s Learning Institute (CLI) and the Yale Child Study Center. Children will explore innovative ideas about the world around them and work with OSMO, the award-winning educational tool that develops the way kids think, create and communicate.

Our Commitment to Excellence:

  • Contactless sign-in and sign-out
  • Daily wellness check-ins ensuring your child’s well-being and health
  • Strict sick policy to protect our learning community
  • Stimulating classrooms fitted with state-of-the-art childcare furniture “Community Plaything”
  • Latest 5-star American curriculum Pre-k On My Way
  • STEAM certified teachers (Science, Tech, Engineering, Art, Math)
  • Licensed pediatric screenings to monitor developmental milestones
  • CPR and First-Aid certified teachers
  • CCTV throughout the premises for enhanced security and monitoring
  • Fire exits in every single room, including the gym
  • Extended hours with no late fees, 6:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Air purification systems in every classroom

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“We are so lucky that Little Academy finally opened a second branch, in a perfect location for us! (We live in Shamal and work in Qatar foundation and HMC). I couldn’t tell who’s enjoying the nursery more, our son or us. We can see how happy he is and how many new things he’s learning every day. Many thanks for the more than fantastic team of Little Academy 2!”


Mom of 2 year-old Nizar

“I send both my children to Little Academy and would not hesitate to recommend the nursery to other parents. The standard of care given to the children is very high and they do wonderful activities whilst learning lots at the same time. Both my children are very settled and happy and thriving. My eldest daughter is due to start school soon and the nursery has prepared her very well both academically and socially. You could not ask for a better nursery.”


Mom of 1 year-old Dylan and 3-year-old Emily

“It is first time for my baby Kotaro to go to the nursery, so we were nervous at first. But Little academy’s stuff are all big smiling and warm and think deeply about Kotaro all the time! Amazing! So he can enjoy every day and I am so relieved during his stay. Honestly I can say, here is so safe and clean, and their communication and programs are great!! I really appreciate taking warm care of Kotaro! We’re so happy! Thank you so much!”

Kei Sato

Mom of 1-year old Kataro

“Dear Ms. Kally, I just wanted to thank you very much for your efforts with Eleen! What a wonderful year it’s been! You have been such an amazing inspiration to her. Thank you so much for all the school and social skills you’ve taught her. She showed a huge development in many aspects since she joins your class. Thank you for the amazing teacher assistants too; Gevalyne and Jenny, and for all the love they have showed her! I’m sure she will always look back at this time in her life very fondly and remember you as being one of her most important mentors. We surely will! We wish you and Little Academy’s Amazing family all the best ♥️♥️♥️ ”

Mother of Eleen

Class 3-4 years – Academic Year 2021-2022

“Dear little Academy, As we are approaching the end of the year, I would like to express my gratitude to Ms. Zeina, the baby’s class teacher. Sarah has learned a lot and is showing a great development under Ms. Zeina’s lead and the amazing teacher assistants, Gloria, Ella, and Cynthia. Thank you for all the love, care, and support you have shown to my baby girl, and I wish Little Academy team all the success ⭐️! ”

Mother of Sarah

Babies class – Academic year 2021-2022

“To Teacher Nadia, Who has the full credit regarding the development and the improvement of my daughter Elaine in Arabic language and the Islamic studies, thank you for the wonderful values you taught her, the word ``Thank you`` will not justify the effort you put with my daughter; Elaine considers you her role model and not a day goes by without her reminding you!! All thanks, appreciation, and respect for your efforts and for all the knowledge you provide Elaine with, we wish you more success in what you are doing ♥️♥️♥️”

Eleen's Mother

Mother of Eleen 3-4 years class – Academic Year 2021-2022

“My child joined Little Academy Nursery when he is about 3 months old back in 2018 and after almost 4 years he graduated last month June 2022 from Miss Kally class- he is ready to go to big school. He got accepted in 4 schools so far!! I am a very proud dad!! The team supported us in all aspects and I cannot thank them enough special thanks to Miss Sara who was his first teacher to Miss Nadia, Miss Givelin, Ms.Irene, Ms. Ella, Ms. Gloria Sandra, and don’t want to miss any of them and Finally Miss Kali!! I cannot express my joy and gratitude throughout the past years. It was more than wonderful. Little academy was a second family for him, especially since we are a foreign family in Qatar. I strongly advise those who seek safety and peace of mind, academic and social development of their children, I advise them to look at Little Academy nursery. Thank you, Little Academy, for 4 years of outstanding services.”

Father of Fidel

Father of Fidel – Academic year 2021-2022

“Amazing nursery by all means. I put my daughter when she was 9 months only and now, she’s 2 and 3 months. Her skills advanced soooo fast and just one month after starting with them she started mimicking the movements for the songs they sing. Their teachers are all native English speakers, and all are well trained. Recently my daughter has started learning Arabic in her 2yrs to 2.5 yrs class and immediately she started communicating with us in Arabic and this shows the great effort the teachers are doing. My daughter loves going there, and she’s treated like family the only unfortunate thing is the maamoura branch closed last year and the other location near Bin Tawar mall is too far for us, but we still couldn’t move her to a closer nursery bcuz we like Little Academy so much. ”

Mother of Natalie

Mother of Natalie – Academic year 2020-2021

“Dear Little Academy, first, may God bless you all for the effort you put. You cannot judge a place until you see your child's reaction. My child ignores completely me when I drop him at your nursery, he might not be able to speak and express himself properly, yet you can tell how happy and excited he is every morning! that’s all because you shower him with love and care, before you are the side that got the benefit as a nursery, you are doing a great job that for sure will be rewarded by Allah for all the care and love that you are giving those children, the activities and educational programs you practice. I pray to God to shower you with more success. And I did not choose your nursery without any reason!!your nursery is always updated; parent's communications are excellent and the event you plan are extraordinary<br/>Thank you for all your efforts and you deserve all the best, may God bless you all ”

Mother of Sultan

Mother of Sultan Academic year 2021-2022

“Dear Little Academy, I am proud of my 3 kids who joined to LA nursery over the last 3 years. Timur has made great changes and improved in such short time with supporting of LA team. I would like to thank the LA team with all my heart for their great efforts and kindness teaching my 2 daughters and son not only educational, but also emotional, sharing, smiling, loving, living of to be a kid with full of Joy… As my older daughter and younger daughter who still well remember the teachers, to all the LA team with name and full respect. I believe that more than above in the hours, days, months, and even years which will be memorized in my kids' life, we will always REMEMBER you…. Thanks again to all of you for your time, patient, care, giving fulfill enjoyment,learning, teaching, to kids and to families as well. ”

Gokhan and Sayali Yaman, parents of Timur, Beyza and Aylin

Gokhan and Sayali Yaman, parents of Timur, Beyza and Aylin – 2017

“Little Academy Nursery is the perfect nursery for my daughter. They use a top standard American curriculum, introduced STEAM programs and STEAM-certified teachers, and above all the teachers and teacher assistants are so warm and caring and treat my daughter like one of their own. My daughter loves attending and I know how much she’ll miss it when she graduates. Keep up the awesome work Little Academy!”

Aya Abuissa, Mom in Starfish Class

Academic Year 2022-2023

“Best decision we’ve made! Our daughter is in the Turtles class with Ms. Kunduz, she’s amazing. Our daughter is really enjoying school. At home, she would wake up from a nap excitedly & asks “going to the school?!” Our daughter’s confidence definitely improved a lot, her communication & motor skills, & her abilities. The staffs at Little Academy Nursery are kind & accommodating. They’ve not only helped my daughter with the transition but also to us as parents with a first-time experience, they made me understood the process & expectations. I love that they’re professional, respects boundaries & cultures, & the kids are being taken really well care of. We can definitely see the joy in our daughter’s face being in Little Academy Nursery.”

Maria Decena, Mom in Turtles Class

Academic Year 2022-2023

“Saoud has been attending the nursery for almost one year now, and I like how the nursery has Arabic and Islamic programs too. The kids not only have fun and play but it is highly educational as well. My boy became more talkative than before and he likes discovering new things now which I think is good progress. When he misses a day or two he asks about the nursery and wants to go back! The staff are really kind and helpful!”

Reem Al Malki, Mom of Saoud

Academic Year 2022-2023

“Best nursery in Doha! My 2-year-old son is really enjoying every moment of it. He is in the Turtles class and Ms. Kunduz and the staff make him feel very welcomed. They provide a caring atmosphere where you can trust leaving your child. In the beginning, it can be hard on any parent, but the manager, Nisreen, and the staff are flexible and supportive. The activities are always fun and educational using a STEAM based approach. The Arabic teacher, Ms. Nadia, is also very good and I’ve already seen a difference with my son’s Arabic at home. Definitely recommend!”

Athar, Mom in Turtles Class

Academic Year 2022-2023

“Duha is amazing and so welcoming, she’s kind and really easy to talk to, such a great person to have in the reception! Overall amazing staff and really nice treatment.”

Amna Al Mesallam

Academic Year 2022-2023

“My grandkids adore Little Academy Nursery. The quality of education and the warmth and love displayed by the teachers is next level. Thank you LAN!”

Suhair Hassiba

Academic Year 2022-2023

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