What and How Do I read to My Child?

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According to educational experts, parents should read to their children even if they are not able to understand what is being said or if they are not being able to read by themselves yet.

You might wonder, is it important to read to my child?

  1. Experiments indicate that children who listen to their parents speaking. For example, while they read them a story, they develop literacy and language skills at an early age easier.

  2. They can also develop their brains and ability to link things together, analyze, and imagine better.

  3. Reading can teach children many concepts, such as shapes, colors, and animal names.

  4. It also teaches them correct behaviors and how to show empathy for others.

  5. Emotionally, reading can create an intimate bond between parents and their children when they read together.

In the first years, your child begins to discover his/her world; they will be more attracted by the material from which the book is made and the colors than its content. Try to choose a soft book that is made of fabric filled with different materials that make a sound when turning the pages, which they can usually do by themselves.

When your child is between 2 to 3 years, try to choose interactive stories and books that are strong and have thick pages. Make sure that books contain simple and clear concepts, such as family components and the difference between colors and sizes.

As your child is 3 years, you can read to him/her stories that deal with the behaviors the child is currently facing in his/her life. At this stage, your child will feel connected to the characters of the books.

After choosing the right book for the child, how do we read it for our children?

  1. Make sure to read the book yourself before reading it to your child. This will allow you to know if there is anything in the story you would like to skip for your child such as an angry or scary passage.

  2. Make sure to show the pages to your child that have related pictures to visualize the story and repeat some
    important concepts or words.

  3. Do not choose a long story as your child might lose his/her concentration.

Little Academy Nursery also supports and encourages your child’s reading habits. Story Telling and Library Time are fixed in the weekly classroom schedules. The teachers read books with the children to support subjects that are being discussed in class, which are related to the weekly and monthly themes and the event days. Biannually a book fair is being hosted to promote books for children and happy reading for parents!

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