Teaching Your Child Problem-solving Skills

A teacher on the right wearing glasses is talkking to the kids in front of her one kid is boy which is wearing grey shirt and the girl behind him is wearing pink dress is pointing her finger toward teacher
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One of the main characteristics of people leading a successful life is their ability to solve problems that they face which would, in turn, motivate them to pursue yet more success. Development specialists place a great emphasis on developing problem-solving skills during the early childhood stages. When children acquire good problem solving skills they gain confidence in their ability to make good decisions for themselves.


As their self-esteem grows, they are also trained to ditch negativity. It is the parents’ responsibility in the first place to develop this skill, and when cooperating with the nursery, results can be improved significantly. In your attempts to improve your child’s skills, you have to invest in the presence of a real problem facing them like their inability to use something or having trouble dealing with a person they don’t like.


How to Teach Children Problem Solving Skills ?

If your child complains about disliking someone at the nursery, you can interfere using two different methods.

– You can, as a first option, as a parent and ask the teacher to solve the problem; without getting your child engaged.

-The second method is trying to solve the problem by engaging in an active discussion with your child which can help him or her handle similar problems that might arise in the future. you can do by asking a series of questions like “Why do you dislike this child?”, “In your opinion, how can you two become friends?”, or “How can the teacher and I help you to be friends?” As your child starts suggesting solutions, value their efforts and make them feel proud of their ideas.

I bet you detected a great difference between the two methods above. The first teaches children to wait passively for a caring adult to solve their problems. While second motivates them working on their options and think of logical solutions from their own points of view.

In the beginning, your child’s problem solving skills can have a limit but with a little patience and training; you’ll notice the improvement on their intelligence levels with their solutions more innovative; because you have given them the opportunity to use their thinking and problem solving skills.

Besides facing the daily problems, you can cooperate with the nursery to improve your child’s problem solving skills. Good nurseries set up storytelling sessions where children enjoy stories of fictional characters who get in trouble and have to think of solutions for themselves. Also, we are using that depend on trial and error to improve this skill like assembly and concentration games.

Be sure to choose a nursery that adopts these innovative practices. At ‘Little Academy Nursery’ we take on efficient learning strategies that teach children to problem solve and improve their creative thinking skills.

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