Preparing for Kindergarten at Little Academy Nursery: A Journey of Playful Learning

At Little Academy Nursery (LAN), we’re dedicated to ensuring your child’s smooth transition to kindergarten. Here’s how our American and STEAM curriculum, certified teachers, and engaging activities set the stage for success.


American and STEAM Curriculum: Building Strong Foundations

Our curriculum combines the best of American educational standards with the innovative STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) approach. This blend provides a solid foundation for your child’s intellectual growth and creativity and prepares them for the transition to Kindergarten (Big School)!


Certified Teachers: Nurturing Young Minds

Our experienced and certified teachers are passionate about guiding your child’s development. They create a stimulating environment where learning is fun, and curiosity is encouraged. Your child is in capable hands.


Playful Learning: Where Fun Meets Education

At LAN, we believe in the power of play. Our activities seamlessly integrate play with learning, ensuring that your child not only gains knowledge but also enjoys the process. We make learning an exciting adventure!


Milestone Achievement: Tracking Your Child’s Progress

We understand the importance of milestones in your child’s development. Our dedicated team closely monitors each child’s progress, ensuring that they reach their developmental milestones with confidence. By the time they’re ready to graduate and head to kindergarten, you can trust that your child’s skills and strengths have been nurtured.

Parent Collaboration: You’re an Essential Part

Your involvement is crucial in your child’s journey. We keep you informed every step of the way, fostering a collaborative relationship between parents and teachers. Together, we ensure your child’s success.

Nurturing Interests: Unleashing Potential

At LAN, we recognize and nurture each child’s unique interests. Whether it’s art, science, or anything in between, we provide opportunities for your child to explore their passions, setting the stage for a well-rounded education.

Prepared for Kindergarten: A Bright Future Awaits

Graduating from Little Academy Nursery means your child is well-prepared for kindergarten. They enter the next chapter of their education with confidence, having had their interests nurtured and their skills honed.

In a nutshell, at Little Academy Nursery, we create a joyful learning environment where your child can thrive, and their potential can flourish. Together with our American and STEAM curriculum, certified teachers, and engaging activities, we ensure every child is prepared for a successful journey into kindergarten. Join us in making the transition to kindergarten a fun and educational adventure!

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