Help your child benefit during quarantine and summertime

A girl wearing a mask on her face is holding right hand of the boy who is also wearing a mask is standing in front of him.
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Staying at home during the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID 19), especially with the arrival of summertime, is posing disappointment and inconvenience for parents and children alike.

Keep reading for Little Academy Nursery’s tips and tricks to support and engage your child during this challenging time!

1. Stick to a Daily Routine: Establishing a daily routine in a child’s life will help them process what’s going to happen during a long day at home, and is key in minimizing tantrums and outbursts. Implementing a daily routine also grows and nurtures a sense of responsibility and discipline in them. If your child isn’t following a daily routine, Little Academy Nursery can help with a step-by-step guide and recommendations from our expert early childhood educators.

2. Physical Education: Being stuck at home for a long time deprives of physically developing their gross and fine motor skills. Each child needs to engage in physical activities that relate to their age and need, as proper and guided physical education allows your child to release excess energy safely, strengthen their immune system, build an appetite, and build listening and movement skills as well as focusing and concentration skills. These are only some of the reasons we at Little Academy Nursery have an in-house professional physical education instructor to tend to your child’s physical growth and development!

3. Educational Activities: Educational activities play a critical role in the development and evolution of your child’s mental skills. Each child should maintain consistent participation in educational activities during this long stay at home. Little Academy Nursery has developed a Virtual Learning Program that includes learning, identifying, and sorting colors, numbers, shapes, and letters; alongside story reading, spelling, science, and sensory and kinesthetic activities while completing the thematic curriculum.

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