Choosing the Right Colors for My Child’s Room

A blue theme room is fully decorated with child things like white board, sofa lamp and windows they are all blue and white color
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When thinking of painting or furnishing their child’s room, most of the parents won’t think beyond the traditional pink or blue motif and might just settle for them. However, too many studies have expanded on the psychology of colors. Moreover, they have believed that colors can influence our bodies, minds, and children more than others, can be extra sensitive to their impact. It is important to understand how colors have an impact on their moods to be able to pick just the right colors for their rooms.


What is the best color to paint a child’s room?

Specialists recommend putting blue wallpapers onto the walls facing your child’s bed. It is also a recommended color for bedspreads as it decreases feelings of anxiety and aggression and inspires in your child a soothing sense of calmness.

Light green is a preferred color for newborn’s rooms because this calming color promotes relaxation and healing from pains. That can explain why most of the hospital’s paintings are green. However, we advise you to avoid adding it to your older children’s rooms who need to study as it might relax them a bit more than needed.

Yellow and orange are two underused colors. Not only are they cheerful, but they also communicate happiness, help foster your child’s creativity, and boost their energy. Do consider them when choosing a color for your child’s desk. Orange also plays a great role in promoting children’s self-confidence and grants them a sense of independence.

Red might not be a prudent choice for your children’s bedroom as it encourages hyperactivity and aggressive behavior. You can, however, use hints of it for the kitchen or in the dining room; as it attracts attention and awakens their appetite.

Purple and pink are two colors universally girls love. They evoke quietness and help create a calming atmosphere. White, on the other hand, lends the place a sense of freshness and openness. Also, the white color inspires children’s calmness and peace. Visiting us, you’ll notice that Little Academy painting is in white with hints of blue and decorated with other colors all around the place.

Appreciate the influence of colors and never underestimate the importance of choosing the right ones for your child’s room. You can still grant your children the luxury of choice by offering them two or three options suit their age; so they can love their own place.

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