Benefits of Nursery: Why You Should Send Your Child to Nursery

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As a parent, there are many decisions you need to make for your child. Time always flies, your baby grows up so fast and you realize it is or might be the time for you to get back to work. But then when is the right time to leave your child? Shall you choose a nursery, childminder, or nanny with a playgroup? Are there any benefits of nursery? Will you be a good mother or a selfish person? Tons of questions arise, doubts and uncertainties.

There is evidence to suggest that starting nursery before the age of 3 is beneficial to your child’s development. A government-funded study found that children who began nursery at this age perform better in primary school than those who went to school when they were younger or older.

The nursery environments can help children’s confidence and development through the following:

  1. Nursery helps your child to get social and improve his communication skills:

  • Making friends and learning to establish connections

  • Learning to share

  • Taking turns

  • Listening to others

  • Playing together with others in groups, as well as independently

  • Learning from their peers, copying and helping each other

  • Learning how to communicate their feelings and opinions

  • Help increase their vocabulary and language through a wide range of different contexts.

  1. Children get their independence and freedom at the nursery

 Nursery may be the first time your child has been away from you for a short period of time, which can be daunting for you both at first. However, it gives your child the opportunity to be independent, have the freedom to explore, and to make other relationships, which is critical for their long-term wellbeing.

That added independence can nurture your child’s self-confidence, help to develop their own personality, disposition, thoughts, and ideas, and encourage them as they discover more about life outside of their family unit. Learning to complete basic tasks by themselves, taking part in activities, and spending time with others, will help develop their confidence and build a foundation, which prepares them for school and life in the outside world.

  1. Nursery helps your child to develop new skills

 The nursery offers a wide range of activities, resources, and experiences to stimulate and engage your little one. Having so many different things for your child to discover and explore, helps to develop their interests and encourages them to try new things out for themselves. It’s an exciting new adventure and the bonus is, you can leave the messy play to nursery!

Both academically, socially, and emotionally, your little one will be learning new skills every day – for example learning how to hold mark-making tools, putting on their own coat, learning mathematical concepts, and helping tidy up, these are all valuable life skills and build the foundations for the future in preparing your child for adulthood.

  1. Nursery builds a regular schedule

 The nursery provides a routine and structure to your child’s day, which can include meal times, naps, indoor and outdoor activities. This routine helps them to feel more confident and secure, in control of their feelings, and is great preparation for school. When a child knows what to expect and when to expect it, this enables them to play more of an active role in tasks, for example before lunch they need to wash their hands and before going home, they need to help tidy up (hopefully a routine they will also continue with at home!)

  1. Building Immunity

Interaction at nursery with other children and adults supports developing their immunity to common infections such as colds. Being outdoors in the fresh air and getting daily exercise is good for wellbeing, and will help keep your little one fit and healthy.

  1. Become ‘School Ready’

Many of the activities, routines, and skills your child learns at nursery will help to prepare them for school and ease their transition. In preparation for school, nursery helps to extend your little one’s social development by forming key attachments outside the family unit.

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