Why Parents Teacher meetings are important at Little Academy Nursery?

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Parent-Teacher meetings play a significant role in enhancing a child’s education. It is an effective way for both; parents as well as teachers to discuss how the child has been doing in school. This includes how he/she is learning, actively participating in activities, his/her physical, mental, and emotional development.

Parent-teacher meetings can be used as a mode of motivating kids to do better. This can be done by appreciating the children in front of their parents when they come to the meeting. This will lead to children understanding that their good behavior in school does not go unnoticed, that everything they do is being observed. This serves a dual purpose; children will be motivated to put on their best behavior and will think twice before engaging in mischievous activities.

Parent-teacher meeting works as a connecting link between parents and teachers as the parents know how the child behaves and is doing at home while the teachers would know about their behavior at school. The union of the teacher’s feedback and the parent’s concern can immensely help a child’s educational journey. Based on the feedback received from the teacher, parents can coax children into doing activities that are beneficial for them, help them come out of cocoons if they are shy at school, and help in their overall development.

These meetings can also be a great way of bridging the communication gap between parents and teachers. The parents can express their concerns to the teachers regarding were in what areas do they feel their child’s growth and development hampered.

A few things parents should keep in mind when attending a parent-teacher meeting:

  1. For starters, make sure you don’t miss the meeting due to your work schedules. Work is a priority, we understand. But so is your child’s education. The responsibility of attending the parent-teacher meeting is not just on one parent, but both.

  2. Always be on time. Take into consideration the fact that your child’s teacher has to meet the parents of all her class students. He/she would have a brief window of time for each student’s parents. It is, after all, a teacher’s duty to treat all children as equals.

  3. When your child’s teacher is giving feedback, take it into serious consideration. Remember, the child’s education is a partnership between the parents and his/her teacher.

  4. Take a notepad with you and take notes wherever you feel the need to.

  5. Share a few things about your child with the teacher — interests, strengths, favorite hobbies to help the teacher know your child better.

  6. Ask the teacher all the questions you have and then ask how you can be a part of your child’s progress?

  7. Make the most of this time by focusing on your child’s learning.

  8. Lastly, don’t forget to thank the teacher for his/her time and the work they do.




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