Simple, Fun Ramadan Activities for Your Child

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How do you spend Ramadan Activities for Your Child?

The need to get your child busy gets more pronounced during Ramadan. As daily life shifts from during the day and the evening to also take place at night. Especially, during the time they spend at home, it is good to have some activities rounded up for them. While for example the rest of the family will be preparing for meals or attend to guests. Although children at the pre-school age are too young to fast, they’ll surely notice the changes Ramadan brings to their household. Whether with the new mealtime routines or the special social and religious activities observed by their parents.

How to spend an enjoyable Ramadan with your child?

1. By the beginning of the month, you can teach your children how to draw a moon and explain to them that it is Ramadan’s friend which marks its start and end.

2. You can also allocate a time of the day to tell them stories about the new things they will notice during the month like “Fanous Ramadan” (the Ramadan Lantern), the Mesaharati (public waker), and the firing of Ramadan’s cannon.

3. You can also create some handmade rag dolls together or buy them to act out stories and perform plays about some simple Ramadan concepts.

4. Your cooking chores can also get lighter as children over four years of age enjoy helping their parents with the preparation of simple Ramadan treats like “Qatayef”, so why don’t you let them lend you a helping hand and have fun at the same time?

5. As social life gets livelier during Ramadan, it’s essential to have your children accompany you to teach them the importance of getting together with relatives and loved ones. They’ll also get the chance to spend more quality time with children of their age.

6. Let them take advantage of the time in the evening outdoors as well. After the sun has gone down it can be quite enjoyable outside for your children when they can have a cool dip in an inflatable pool. That will keep both of you cool as long as you keep an eye on them.

In this regard, we, at “Little Academy Nursery“, take care of bringing the spirit of Ramadan to the nursery. We are explaining the different aspects of the Holy month to the children during our Arabic and Islamic classes. The children also get the chance to be creative with arts and crafts related to Ramadan. Also, they get to experience the Garangao Celebrations. The traditional children’s party celebrated after the breaking of the fast on the 14th night of Ramadan, when half of the fasting month is over.

In line with the official announced working hours in the state of Qatar, Little Academy Nursery has adjusted opening hours. These are set to still be convenient for parents to drop off before and pick up their children after work.

The nursery opens at 7:00 AM and closes at 3:00 PM.

Ramadan Mubarak!

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