Why Children Forget Their Manners?

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Parents teach children the best of manners to make their child grows up to be a respectful, polite, and empathetic individual. But sometimes, despite teaching your child all the right manners, he/she acts unmannerly and discourteous. He/she seems to have forgotten all the manners taught to him/her. Let’s take a look at why this occurs.

A child’s most natural yet obvious reaction is to rebel. It applies to children of all ages. This is because we as humans do not like things that are forced upon or imposed on us. So a child is most likely to forget his/her manners if forced to act like that. A good way out of this is to explain in detail to the child that why he or she should follow a particular manner and act in that way and the importance of the same. Children also tend to forget their manners if they fall into bad company. They tend to do what their friends are doing instead of sticking to their own beliefs. We have all been guilty of following what everyone else was doing because it felt like the right thing to do at that particular moment.

Children also find it difficult to differentiate between situations requiring a particular response. They only remember a particular manner taught to them without taking into consideration the situation. For example, if you have given the instruction to the child to remain sitting in a place, he/she will stick to the command no matter what. So if an elderly comes, he/she will refuse to vacate his/her seat for the elderly because according to the child, he/she is simply following what has been told to him/her. Children also tend to get distracted easily. In this quest of paying attention to whatever comes in their way or around them, they get distracted and genuinely forget their manners. It is not because they don’t want to follow the manners they have been taught. It is simply because they forget. The best way to improve this is by reminding them of their manners. You can use affirmations for this too.

There are times when children do something good on their own without being told to do so. However, we as parents often mistake focusing on what the child did wrong instead of focusing on the right thing. In this case, the child thinks his/her action of doing something good went unnoticed, and he/she isn’t motivated to do it again. For children, praise or compliment from their parents matters a lot. Make sure you compliment your child and reward him/her in some tiny way even if it is as simple as praise.

Lastly, ensure that you model the best manners at all times because your children are always observing you.


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