Learning and Development

Little Academy Nursery uses the Houghton Mifflin Curriculum and the Harcourt Curriculum. Our classrooms are based on interest centers. Besides these special centers focus on dramatic play, creative art, science, and quiet reading. Learning and Development Blocks and puzzles provide your child with the opportunities to explore, investigate and grow independently.

However, the main emphasis of our curriculum is planning activities based on the interests and developmental levels of each child. Moreover, our unique lesson plans are brought to life in fun, vivid and imaginative ways.  Also carried out in well-planned, creative and challenging indoor and outdoor environments.

Also, our structured curriculum allow time for learning as well as for play with dedicated time for Physical education, individual and group learning, quiet time and activities. All of these various components of our curriculum allow children to express creativity. We offer detailed educational programs designed to help your child develop a lifelong love for learning. There are many ways Little Academy Nursery works to support your child’s development.


Here are just a few:

  • Every child is unique and encouraged to grow and develop at their own pace.

  • Support children in their quest to be independent learners by developing self-help skills.

  • Encourage children to socialize, communicate, share, take turns, listen, and play together. This functions to strengthen their language, communication, personal and social skills.

  • Help children develop their coordination, control and movement skills in our active Physical Education lessons.

  • Encourage children to express their creativity through Music, Dance and Art lessons, igniting children’s creative development.

  • Provide children with opportunities to develop mathematical skills.

  • Prepare children for school readiness-from crayon, paint and scissor work to our numerous manipulative toys.

  • Encourage children to develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, and to connect with all their senses in our unique Sensory Room.

  • Build the foundation of speech and reading skills by introducing letters and numbers in English, and the additional language classes for Arabic and French

Learning and Development Programs Little Academy Nursery
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