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Support your child’s learning at home by enrolling in Little Academy Nursery’s customized online learning program.

The early years lay the foundations for school-based learning to come. Goals to achieve are:

  • Cutting with scissors, good pencil grasp, coloring, letters, and number formation

  • The ability to sit and listen attentively for a while

  • Ability to separate from parents and self-soothing

  • Ability to share, take turns and resolve conflicts

  • Identify letters, numbers, and shapes along with sound associations

  • Daily living skills and independence

  • Have an imagination

How can your 3 to 5-year-old child learn during COVID19?

Little Academy Nursery offers the experiences and activities that you need to provide your child with what they need to build their brain and increase their learning efficiency and capacity. Through our customized online learning program; and the weekly kits that we hand deliver to your doorsteps.

You would be able to present your preschool child with a language-rich environment, a variety of sensory-rich stimulation, and hands-on opportunities to explore essential concepts (such as shape, color, and texture). Our online sessions are comprehensive and even include P.E, Islamic studies, and Arabic.

Your role as a parent:

Your role as a parent would be to structure your child’s day and help with the transition between the activities. Specifically, parents are asked to:

  • Wake up at the same time as school days, change your child’s pajamas and eat breakfast just like school days.

  • Provide a quiet room, a desk, and a comfortable chair.

  • Make sure you have a working computer or a tablet and internet.

  • Ensure that your child has the materials needed for that day (from the kit that we deliver to your home)

  • Check in with your child regularly to ensure he has the support he needs.

  • Check in with the teacher at the end of the session to discuss suggestions and give feedback (suggestions and feedback are always welcome).

Our online sessions have proven successful, and we encourage you to try them. We offer the first session for free, so please call us today. Telephone: +974 66161135 / +974 66817163. Email: /

Here are some reviews by some of our parents for Our Online learning program:

Review #1:

Tala & Haya Serageldin Mom:

“At first I couldn’t imagine how eLearning for 2 years old would be, but Ms. Zeze and little academy made an amazing job and the girls just wait for it every morning, I appreciate the amazing effort Ms. Zeze is doing with them and her patience is great, and most important is listening to our feedback and adjusting based on it, great job.

Thanks a lot Ms. Zeze, another amazing gesture is sending weekly kit for the girls to work with which is a box that they checked for me, having everything labeled per day and all the materials ready to use is an awesome idea, thank you for taking of our children even in social distancing.”
Review #2

Haris Mom:

Dear miss Malak, I hope this message finds you well. Thank you so much for inviting Haris to attend the virtual crafts/ science class. Honestly speaking I had my doubts, knowing him that he won’t sit in the class for more than 5 minutes but we ended up attending a full one-hour session.

Certainly the credit goes to you for thoroughly planning a session which was informative, interesting, interactive & age appropriate. I would urge you to plan more such sessions so that our children can continue to learn in a fun way from the safety of their homes.”


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