My Child Does not Listen to Me

A child is sitting and putting her hands in front of her is complete silent and not making any movement
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If we randomly survey the views of a group of mothers and ask them about the most common and serious problems they face in dealing with their children, the answer will often be… “My child does not listen to me!”

In fact, not listening to parents’ instructions, particularly mothers, is a common concern recognized by educational experts. Especially when it happens with children under the age of four. Should mothers repeat that children should not refuse their breakfast many times? How many times should fathers repeat that children leaving their rooms untidy after finishing playing?


How to discipline a child who doesn’t listen?

  1. You can repeat these instructions countless times a day. But if children do not respond from the first or second time, they will often not respond at the fiftieth because you simply talk in the same style.Therefore, the first step of addressing this issue is to vary the ways you to talk with children. For example, when asking them to do something directly, it is helpful to perform the action in front of them. So that they can imitate you.
  2. Patience is one of the most important strategies for achieving solutions. The sentence “I have told you a thousand times not to do this” won’t resonate with children. Simply, because they see no problem repeating the same thing. Consequently, be patient if your children repeat mistakes, and try to speak with them calmly until they learn from you and feel the need to do something because you love it.
  3. Go down to your child’s level does not only mean simplifying facts. But also bringing your body down to their level, speaking closely to them, and making sure not to scream while you are in another room.
  4. Talking directly with children, making eye contact, and giving them enough time to do what you have asked for, all contribute to make them good listeners.
  5. Behavioral problems usually require time to be adjusted and need cooperation with the nursery and the kindergarten. Therefore, it is important to inform the staff at the nursery about your concerns. Also, you should agree on a standard method of treatment.

We, at Little Academy Nursery, constantly listen to parents’ observations. Our staff has the experience to address children’s behavioral problems in cooperation with parents to unlock the child’s full potential. 

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