Little Academy Nursery: Shaping Bright Futures with Innovative Learning

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For almost two decades, Little Academy Nursery has been the preferred nursery in Qatar for parents seeking quality early education for their children aged 6 weeks to 4 years old. Our nursery stands out through a curriculum that combines STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education, play-based learning, and exciting enhancements such as Chess, Arabic as a second language, Robotics, Coding, and extracurriculars like Ballet and Football led by professional partner organizations!

At Little Academy Nursery, we understand the pivotal role of early childhood education in a child’s development. Our STEAM-based curriculum ignites curiosity and problem-solving skills, ensuring that young minds develop a love for learning. Through play-based activities, we foster social, emotional, and cognitive growth while maintaining a fun and nurturing educational environment. Additionally, our dedicated teaching team is comprised of certified early childhood education experts who provide personalized attention where every child feels valued.

In essence, Little Academy Nursery has been parents’ trusted choice since 2006. We provide innovative and enjoyable early education, ensuring your child’s bright future is in the best hands. Join us on this educational journey and watch your child thrive in a loving, stimulating environment.

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Little Academy Nursery
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Little Academy Nursery
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