How to Handle Your Hyperactive Child

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It is a universally agreed-upon fact that childhood is the age of activity and movement by the time a child turns three. However, some parents might notice that their children never seem to stop moving; they are effortlessly bouncing from one activity to another, and have enough energy to be excited about doing anything at any time. Children can also show signs of aggressive behaviors, and this is labeled by specialists as “hyperactivity” which is related to a medical condition called AHDH, (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).


What is ADHD? How does hyperactivity related to Autism?

A child dealing with ADHD is overly active and can’t afford to stay long in one place. They also have a hard time sitting down, and you’ll always see them moving around. Parents might also notice that their child’s speech development takes longer than other children of their age.

A child’s hyperactivity can be traced back to a number of causes. One reason could be that the mother might have dealt with severe stress or took some certain medications during her pregnancy. The child might also suffer from a certain disease or a hearing impairment. Also, consuming unhealthy foods takes up a large portion of the responsibility. Parents’ strictness and their regular punishments can be a leading cause, too. So how can we help a hyperactive child overcome their problem?


10 Tips to help ADHD Hyperactive Child

  1. Treatment starts by parents deciding to spend more time playing, listening, and talking to their child in a simple, reassuring manner.
  2. Make sure that your child gets enough night sleep.
  3. You can resort to calming music to soothe them after allowing them to play in an open place; where they can channel out their energy.
  4. Invest in sports like swimming and running to help them turn their hyperactivity into a productive pastime.
  5. Parents need to understand that hyperactive children also deal with hyper minds, so do consider games that can help them concentrate and calm their minds like assembly games, painting, and drama performance.
  6. Always avoid scolding or shouting at them, and try to overlook their irritating behaviors.
  7. Most importantly, parents should lead by example and control their anger and contain their own negative feelings.
  8. Unhealthy food can worsen the problem; because preservatives and food coloring found in fast food can cause nervousness for children.
  9. Added sugars can cause your child’s hyperactivity. So limit their sugar intake and substitute desserts with healthier options like vegetables and fruits.
  10. You can always seek help from supervisors and teachers at the nursery; to get your child more involved in group activities and music and sports classes.

This is something we take care of at ‘Little Academy Nursery‘ by meeting the individual needs and interests of each child. We also direct parents who are concerned about their child’s hyperactivity. Also, we provide them with educated guidelines based on their child’s special case. The nutritionist monitors the children’s meals to make sure they consume healthy food; that reflects positively on their bodies and minds.

In case you tried all of the above and your child doesn’t seem to show any signs of progress, we advise you to consult a specialist to help you tackle the problem.

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