Healthy Phenomenon: Children Playing with Kitchen Utensils

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As a parent, you may notice the tendency of your child play with kitchen utensils and household items. However, most parents try to place such items out of the reach of their children. And instead, they buy new and attractive toys for their children to play with. When in fact, a child who shows an interest in playing with household objects and not just with toys, he has an interest in creating and exploring.


In this article, we bring to your attention some tips to help you balance between unleashing your child’s imagination and protecting him/her from any harm.

First, let’s start with the kitchen where many children love to explore, where things have abstract and odd shapes such as spatulas, whisks, pots, pans, etc.
It is best to place non-toxic and non-sharp utensils within your children’s reach while you move away from anything that can break such as glass.  Also, any and all sharp items such as knives to upper shelves or locked cabinets so that he/she does not hurt himself/herself.

Some activities you can partake with your child in the kitchen can be to use similar utensils in different sizes to teach your child about sizes. You can also give your child a plastic bowl filled with water and flour, along with a plastic whisk and let them make a mess!

For children, below the age of two, who love playing with the TV remote or the AC remote, allow your child to fidget with an old remote control device while he/she remains supervised. You never know, perhaps your child is a little inventor!

Another activity you can do is give your child a small-sized handheld broom and dustpan. So he could imitate you as you clean around the house. You wouldn’t get much cleaning done but sure it is fun for your little one.

As your child’s interaction with the environment extends to the nursery as well, we at Little Academy Nursery allow your child to identify and explore different materials, such as real recycled items that are safe to play within our indoor play supermarket and role play area.


Always remember to unleash your children’s imagination, encourage their exploration, and keep an eye on them.

Many mothers may complain about their children’s love to play with things that tend to make them dirty and make the house untidy. Even though this does and will happen, keep in mind that allowing your child to explore is essential for developing their physical, mental, and psychological health.

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