Fun Summer Holiday Ideas for You and Your Child

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This summer holiday is your great opportunity to reinforce your relationship with your child after getting trapped in work for long hours and having your child spending most of their time in the nursery, kindergarten, or school. Although some parents can’t spend a long holiday with their children or can’t travel during the summer, they still can add a joyful atmosphere to the house through some simple fun ideas that take no time but require heaps of love.

Before looking for entertainment only, bear in mind that you can seize the opportunity this holiday to teach your child some skills with games and fun like improving their language, boosting up their physical activity, or developing a certain talent they have.

In addition to that, there are various ideas that can make your child a special individual. Has it ever occurred to you that reading a story to your child is not just another bedtime ritual? Reading stories can broaden your child’s imagination and improve their creative thinking and problem-solving skills. They also strengthen their lingual abilities as they learn new vocabulary and get introduced to different worlds like the worlds of birds or sea life for example. Stories can do more than just putting your child to peaceful sleep, so it might be a good idea if you make it a fun daytime activity as well.

As for the physical activities, you can ask your child if they have any preferences after telling them briefly about different sports. You can also have some time with them to tap dance to their favorite songs or even build pillow towers and climb them together.

You may also allow your children some space in the kitchen as they can help you prepare some snacks if they are over three years of age. This way, they would work up an appetite for healthy food, feel proud of themselves learning a new skill, and realize the importance of helping their parents out.

Recycling unwanted stuff and making lovely presents out of them is another great idea. You can find loads of online resources that will teach you some simple crafting tricks suitable for your child’s age. For example, you can make rug dolls together using only pillowcases and some buttons. Double the fun and let your child make gifts for all his/ her friends.

Since children are fond of painting, don’t just settle for bringing them painting notebooks; try to paint with them on extraordinary stuff like stones and potteries or even on paper plates to set their creativity free. They’ll surprise you!

If you have a backyard in your house, teach your child some simple gardening skills like tending to plants and waiting them with patience to grow up. You can also grow plants in the balcony, and although this might sound mundane for some adults, it is a great deal of fun for children.

As parents don’t like their children to watch a lot of TV during the year, the summer holiday is their opportunity to get together and watch fun movies as a family.

No matter what activity you are doing with your child, always make sure that you are doing it with your child only with no interruptions from your phone or the disturbing news so your child would feel loved and cared for.

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