Father and Child …Relationship Build for Life

Child is kissing on her father's cheeks.
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While still in the womb, babies are generally considered the mother’s first and foremost domain. But also the father-child relationship begins before birth. It is famous that children can familiarize themselves with sounds they hear when they are in their mother’s womb. When parents are speaking to each other or directly to their unborn child and physically connect by putting their hands on the belly, it is the start of creating a bond with their child.

Father’s attendance and involvement in the preparation of birth enhance the emotional relationship between them. After birth, it is recommended that also fathers are closely involved with the care for the baby. Simple
gestures like holding and carrying the baby and small tasks like bathing, changing diapers and feeding can strengthen the bond. Obviously, singing, reading stories and playing together also tributes to a healthy and positive relationship between father and child.

During the nurturing process, it is important that parents have a similar approach; a mother may ask the child to participate in the preparation of a healthy meal, while the father talks about the meal’s benefits and helps to feed the child.

Children often see their parents as supernatural heroes and try to imitate them. In this case, try to be a good role model in calmness and discipline, and talk with your child about his/her day and games, so that they can be mentally balanced and happy.


Father and Child … Relationship Build for Life

As children grow older, they may treat their fathers with some excessive enthusiasm when returning from work or travel. This is how some little children express their longing and show that they miss their father when he is absent. Try to transform your son/daughter’s actions into a thrilling and exciting game and you will be turning their behavior into favor for your relationship.

One of the common things in nurturing occurs when the mother is very affectionate with the child, while the father’s task just to impose discipline. Parents must pay attention that their children’s values don’t create a good and bad image for each one of them.

Instead, they can support each other’s areas of strength; some mothers can face their child’s crying more than fathers because they understand the child better emotionally. On the other hand, fathers might be better at helping them when they are angry and can’t complete a certain task.

Always remember, a good and strong relationship with your children makes them abler to meet challenges and pressures in life.

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