Creative Children and Play

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Who would not like to discover the inner little artists within our children? Almost everyone works hard towards raising an artistic child whether at home or by cooperating with the nursery. How about if we tell you that unleashing your child’s inner artist is simply by Playing!!


Children and Play Importance 

Some games, which may seem repetitive and useless, do in fact, help children

  • learn new things about themselves and the world around them

  • express their emotions

  • develop their mental and motor skill competence.

A game as simple and traditional as building blocks can teach children construction and color coordination skills. The nature of the block-play enhances the children’s capacity for creative and divergent thinking. As well as it fertilizes their imagination. This is most evident when a child attempts to replicate real-life objects using blocks, such as building a house or a table.


At what age should play-based learning start?

The few first months after birth, you can starting point in investing in play to teach your child new skills. After their first birthday, children start to form conceptions about the world and imagine simple objects. Also, they start to notice the differences in sizes, shapes, and colors.

At the nursery age, their needs to physically touch materials, such as water, cotton, or sand increase. Maybe You can not notice your baby’s happiness and enthusiasm when given a painting brush, sponge balls, and watercolor paints. Then asked to draw on a wide white canvas but it is definitely there.

Two-year-olds move to the next level and start to experiment with their imagination. For example, they greatly enjoy role-play activities. Playing the role of a doctor, hunter, police officer, or a carpenter contributes to the development of the child’s imagination. This is best realized when your child envisions scenarios along with possible consequent responses.

By the age of three, children become able to participate in organized and purposeful group games. At this stage, parents and nursery supervisors should cooperate together to design group games reflective of children’s special talents, exerting strong emphasis on the significance of positive competitiveness, and adherence to game rules.

To many parents’ astonishment, kitchens are one of the most tempting playgrounds for children. So it is recommended to invite them in from time to time. You can give your children homemade play dough, and ask them to make shapes, or decorate a pie. This way, you would strike two birds with one stone as you would encourage your children to taste new foods they themselves made, and teach them table manners. These strategies are regularly employed here at Little Academy.


Learn through Play

Clearly, the role of a nursery teacher is indispensable. Their main job is to ensure designing effective daily programs for organized and purposeful playing activities aiming at stimulating children’s imagination and unleashing their creativity. Teachers usually start by making up a whole-day plan, as we do at Little Academy. Then they guide children to the different toys in the backyard and physical education room. During these activities, teachers keep conversing with children while they play to develop their oral communication. Through play, they also elicit and stress relevant realistic vocabulary, such as above, below, faster, and slower.


Is this everything parents should know about playing?

Not really, as it is never enough to emphasize the importance of a safe environment. Yes, never leave a child unattended, but give him or her some space to experiment and interact with the surroundings. Moreover, because children love to play everywhere, always ensure to lock up doors leading to dangerous rooms, such as the stairway halls or electrical rooms. Also, make certain to keep chemical substances and sharp tools out of your children’s reach, and to baby-proof any cabinets and drawers containing hazardous products and objects. It is also recommended to install shock-absorbing foam floor mats and cushions, to guarantee your child’s safety and maintain their health. 

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