Childhood disease Prevention: a Joint Responsibility

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Many parents worry terribly when their little ones get sick. Especially, if they are under pre-school age. Putting the Children’s Health as a top priority does not exclude them from exposure to pathogenic bacteria and germs. According to pediatricians, it is perfectly normal for children to feel sick multiple times a year at this age. Such illnesses are easy to treat as long as they are not chronic.


It is important to emphasize here that what Childhood disease means is any illness not caused by negligence. In other words, in this article, we will discuss how to handle the diseases children could catch. Even if their personal hygiene is well, and their food safety is also well whether at nursery or home.


Childhood Disease Prevention

Health care specialists agree that children can get sick with influenza, cold, or ear infections in pre-school age for many reasons. At this age, the treatment is often simple as the immune system is still developing.  Since the child’s immunity is still not fully developed, their body could still very sensitive. For instance, they could get cold only by leaving the house in the early morning while their bodies are still warm. They could also catch a cold because of temperature swings; especially when going outside after sitting for a while in an air-conditioned room or car. Other infections are far more serious and contagious. For example, it is a frequent occurrence that children catch infections from their classmates or even their parents.

The cooperation between the parents and the nursery is extremely important; to keep an open eye on Childhood disease prevention. Also, if they suspect the existence of the disease, the nursery should keep the child’s temperature under close observation. At Little Academy, guarding your child’s health is the responsibility of all our CPR and First Aid trained staff as well as our Licensed-nurse and a monthly visiting doctor.


Preschool Age Disease

Children at pre-school age love to explore. However, their ability to estimate risk is often limited. You can find them playing with sand or with objects which are not suitable for children’s use, or eating non-food or taste non-edible objects or material. Their curiosity increases their possibility of catching eye or gastrointestinal infections. Choosing a nursery which gives a great deal of attention to the cleanliness of the kitchen and backyard, and the sanitization of toys will decrease your child’s chance of catching any type of disease. If you visit the Little Academy, you will notice how much we care about the hygiene of toys, sand, and all the other facilities. We also reinforce positive personal hygiene habits in children, such as regular washing of hands and covering the mouth and nose with your elbow when sneezing or coughing.


When Do Babies Start Teething?

As for teeth, when babies start teething, pediatricians recommend giving them water after drinking milk or eating sweets. They also advise parents to regularly clean their baby’s teeth with sterile gauze. It is the sterile gauze that recommended not the toothbrush; because the gum is still sensitive and unready for the toothbrush bristles. If your baby is still in the teething stage, the nursery staff will cooperate with you to deal with any redness, irritation, or pain.

Remember that a healthy diet at an early age prevents many diseases. We at Little Academy are well aware of this fact; this is why our nutrition specialist, who is daily present at the nursery, can provide expert advice for parents on healthy diets and nutritive foods they can offer their children.

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