Are You Searching for the Best Nursery in Qatar?

Since its establishment in 2006, Little Academy Nursery has proudly stood as a pinnacle of excellence in early childhood education. Our commitment to providing an exceptional learning environment is reflected in every aspect of our nursery, making us one of the top choices for parents in Qatar!

Qualified Teachers

At the core of our success is a team of passionate and certified early childhood educators. With almost two decades of success, Little Academy Nursery’s teachers are dedicated to shaping young minds, instilling a love for learning that goes beyond the classroom. Every educator at Little Academy Nursery is not only certified but also committed to the holistic development of each child, ensuring that their educational journey is both enriching and enjoyable. Our dynamic educational approach blends the Scholastic American curriculum with STEAM, creating an optimal learning experience for our little ones aged 6 weeks to 4 years old.

Our Commitment to Safety

Safety is paramount in our nursery, and we are proud to be recognized as one of the top nurseries in Qatar. Every member of our teaching staff is not only CPR and First-Aid certified but is also well-versed in emergency protocols. Parents can rest assured that their children are in safe hands, receiving the highest standard of care and attention! Our facilities also feature CCTV cameras and a dedicated fire exit in every classroom, including the gym, ensuring an extra layer of safety.

Unparalleled Curriculum Boosts

Elevating the educational journey at Little Academy Nursery, our curriculum boosts are a kaleidoscope of enrichment programs designed to spark curiosity and foster holistic development. From the realms of robotics and coding to the strategic world of chess, our little learners are immersed in hands-on experiences that cultivate critical skills. Partnering with professional organizations, we offer extracurricular programs like ballet and football, ensuring a well-rounded developmental experience. Our creative souls find expression in process art, while linguistic horizons expand through engaging Arabic classes. Little Academy Nursery goes beyond traditional learning, crafting an environment where every child can explore, grow, and shine.

As we continue to pioneer educational excellence, Little Academy Nursery remains the trusted choice for parents who prioritize quality education, safety, and a genuine commitment to their child’s growth. Join our community, where learning is an adventure, and parents can feel confident that their children are in safe hands at one of the top nurseries in Qatar.

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