A Nursery Teacher is Not Just a Teacher

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Being a Nursery Teacher

A nursery teacher is not just a teacher. It is the least that we could say about the early years’ instructor. Call it a teacher, a facilitator, or an educator, but the person occupying this position also plays the roles of a pedagogist, a relationship expert, a nutritionist, and, on top of all of that, a role model.

Children at this age are often blank sheets of paper. This is one of the reasons why nursery teachers have a great impact on children. The other reason is that many children spend more time at the nursery interacting with their classmates and teachers more than with their parents at home. Parents should meet the teacher responsible for their child’s education to further learn about his or her qualifications and experiences.


What skills do you need to be a nursery teacher?

Care, love, and patience are the most important traits to look for in nursery teachers. Add to that positive reinforcement skills which help them handle stressful situations in a calm nonviolent manner. These characteristics create a positive environment where children feel loved, safety, and comfort. Also, Nursery teacher should be emotionally intelligent so that they can understand every child’s physical, moral, and academic needs. Moreover, one of the most important skills is the ability to simplify information for children. Teachers can do this by using innovative educational aids suitable for children’s age group and culture.

At Little Academy, we are aware that this job is demanding and the responsibilities of this position are heavy. Therefore, our teaching staff is highly-qualified and carefully selected against a number of strict criteria. Most of our teachers have a thorough background in Early Years’ and Preschool Education. At Little Academy Nursery, teachers plan their daily programs ahead taking into consideration children’s moral, mental, linguistic, and social abilities.

Our team is a diverse one coming from countries, such as UK, Canada, USA, Lebanon, Holland, South Africa, Australia, Ethiopia, and Philippine. They are best known for their love for children, and professionalism in dealing with every day in-class various challenging situations. Moreover, our teachers highly appreciate teacher-parent communication. Therefore, they ensure to regularly hold parental meetings where they can learn more about each caregiver’s parenting style so that they could follow a similar strategy at the nursery.


Home and Nursery Unification

The unification of the parenting style between the home and nursery is one of our priorities at Little Academy, and regular parental meetings help us create a positive peaceful environment where children do not feel conflicted between different discipline strategies.

In addition to our unique teachers, you can add to the list our nutritionists, speech therapists, curriculum designers, child psychologists, and relationship experts. All of our staff work together to bring your child and make the nursery experience an unforgettable one.

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